The Birds of Paradise are located in Papua Island,and almost all birdwatchers agree that these birds are the most beautiful in the world.Unfortunately these birds are shy and hard to spot,and you have to spend several days in the jungle and you need porters to help you.In this video you can see Birds of Paradise males,very colourful,displaying dances and songs to attract females.They don´t always  mate with the female they want !



  1. I love David Attenborough’s nature programmes. I remember one of his that had a bird that my husband and I nicknamed ‘the trouser bird’ because it looked like it was wearing leggings. It slid up and down a branch in a little dance.

    Your blog is interesting and I’ve subscribed. I’m partially housebound and watch the birds in my garden and my husband and I are very friendly with a lot of them. I’ve written about some of them in my blog, if interested you’ll find the posts under ‘birds’ category. I recently reposted a blue-footed booby video from youtube (not made by me) to go along with a post on a special blue tit that visits us.

  2. I also enjoy with David Attenborough and BBC nature programs!He performed some of the most awesome nature programs i ve ever seen.His programs were accurate and popularized at the same time, that make them more interesting.
    I still remember when i was a kid the first captivating nature videos i watched were Gerald Durrell´s series.I was a fan of “The Amateur Naturalist”!!! Do you remember ?

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