The Banded kingfisher is a great bird to spot in Thailand. I could spot a couple of it in Khao Yao National Park,near the headquarters,on the forest edge, at 14:30 pm.I could take this picture of the male and the female  as they remain still for a long time.The male sometimes displayed its crest but they remained perched on the branch for almost 10 minutes.Another location where  i could enjoy of this amazing bird was in Poring Hotspring in  Borneo.I walked through one of the trails in the morning, about 8 o´clock,and i meet a male at less than 1 meter of distance !!!



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  2. Beautiful. These are not easy birds to capture a good picture of. Kingfisher is a favorite bird in US on rivers and lakes, anywhere that fish is plentiful. They have distinct voice – did you hear them too?

  3. I live in Houston, TX in the US but sadly haven’t yet seen one of these but I’m new to birding so ya never know 🙂 – it’s a cute little bird though! Isn’t it incredible all the tons of varieties, sizes, colors and shapes birds come in!!!

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