1. Grey Heron.Lake Danao
  2. Great Egret.Lake Danao and cultivation areas
  3. Eastern Reef-Egret.Albaguen Island
  4. Intermediate Egret.Lake Danao and cultivation areas
  5. Little Egret.Lake Danao and cultivation areas
  6. Cattle Egret.Cultivation areas
  7. Little Heron.Sabang
  8. Osprey.Lake Danao
  9. Grey-headed Fish Eagle.Narra and Albaguen Island
  10. Japanese Sparrowhawk. Sabang
  11. Changeable Hawk Eagle.Sabang
  12. Crested Serpent-Eagle.Port Barton track
  13. Tabon Scrubfowl.Sabang
  14. Palawan Peacock Pheasant.Sabang
  15. Barred Buttonquail.Narra
  16. Thick-billed Green Pigeon. Sabang and Narra
  17. Pink-necked Green Pigeon.Narra and San Vicente
  18. Green Imperial Pigeon. Sabang, San Vicente and Narra
  19. Metallic Pigeon.Rasa Island
  20. Philippine Cockatoo.Rasa Island
  21. Blue-naped Parrot. Sabang
  22. Blue-headed Raquet-tail. San Vicente track
  23. Drongo Cuckoo.Sabang
  24. Common Koel. Cultivation areas
  25. Chestnut-breasted Malkoha.Port Barton track and Lake Danao
  26. Lesser Coucal. Sabang
  27. Palawan Scops-Owl. Albaguen Island
  28. Large-tailed Nightjar. Sabang and Port Barton track
  29. Dollarbird. San Vicente track
  30. Blue-eared Kingfisher. Narra
  31. Common Kingfisher.Lake Danao
  32. Oriental-Dwarf Kingfisher. Narra
  33. Stork-billed Kingfisher. Lake Danao,Albaguen Island and Sabang
  34. Ruddy Kingfisher.Narra
  35. White-throated Kingfisher. Lake Danao
  36. White-collared Kingfisher. Everywhere
  37. Palawan Hornbill. Sabang
  38. White-bellied Woodpecker. Sabang
  39. Common Flameback. Port Barton track and San Vicente track
  40. Greater Flameback. Lake Danao
  41. Red-bellied Pitta. Sabang and Narra
  42. Barn Swallow. Everywhere
  43. Pacific Swallow.Everywhere
  44. Yellow-throated Leafbird.Sabang,Port Barton and San Vicente track
  45. Common Iora.Lake Danao
  46. Black-headed Bulbul. Sabang,Lake Danao,San Vicente and Port Barton track
  47. Olive-winged Bulbul. Cultivation areas
  48. Grey-cheeked Bulbul. Narra and San Vicente track
  49. Ashy Drongo. Sabang and Narra
  50. Sprangled Drongo. Lake Danao,Port Barton track and Sabang
  51. Black-naped Oriole. Sabang and Lake Danao
  52. Asian Fairy Bluebird. Sabang and Lake Danao
  53. Slender-billed Crow. Everywhere
  54. Velvet-fronted Nuthach. Sabang
  55. White-vented Shama. Sabang and Lake Danao
  56. Striated Grassbird. Narra
  57. Rufous-tailed Tailorbird. Lake Danao
  58. Pied Fantail. Narra and Albaguen Island
  59. Blue Paradise Flycatcher.Sabang and Narra
  60. Black-naped Monarch. Lake Danao
  61. Grey Wagtail. Lake Danao
  62. Yellow Wagtail. Lake Danao
  63. White-breasted Wood-Swallow.Everywhere
  64. Brown Shrike.Cultivation areas
  65. Asian Glossy Starling. Everywhere
  66. Hill Myna. Sabang
  67. Olive-backed Sunbird. Almost everywhere
  68. Purple-throated Sunbird. Lake Danao
  69. Lovely Sunbird. Sabang
  70. Little Spiderhunter. Sabang
  71. Palawan Flowerpecker. Sabang and San Vicente track
  72. Pigmy Flowerpecker. Narra
  73. Eurasian Tree Sparrow.Everywhere
  74. Scaly-breasted Munia. El Nido
  75. Chestnut Munia. Cultivation areas


I found this sunbird in most of the areas in Palawan : along the roads,on cultivation areas,gardens…… This variety,var. aurora, of  Olive-backed Sunbird,a common bird all around South-east Asia, is found only in Palawan !!!!.Notice the orange breast that lacks in the most spread variety of  Olive backed-Sunbird:  Olive-backed Sunbird var. jugularis !!!