One of the most remarkable things that I liked in Salak Phra was to find a lot of animal tracks inside the sanctuary.

Elephant tracks are frequently seen in the park due to its abundance.Asian Elephants mainly feed on bamboo sticks,bark and different types of plants in the park.Male Asian Elephants have tusks while females usually lack them.Female Asian Elephants live in herds with their calves while adult males are usually solitary except when breeding.


Asian  Elephant adult footprints


Elephant calf  footprints

Asian Elephants usually follow the same paths and break many trees,bamboo sticks and other plants on the way.Besides,they like to go to salt licks to eat dirt for their need of essential minerals and throw sand in their bodies to protect their skin from parasites.

Excrements are easily found along the trail and the rough road in the park.

They use some trees to scratch,eat bark and to sharpen their tusks.


Wild pig tracks are quite often seen in the park.Wild pigs usually feed on grass,roots,tubers,insects and small reptiles.They use trees to scratch as well and they dig in the soil to eat roots and tubers and they wallow to put dirt and sand on their skin to protect it against parasites and control their body temperature.

Wild pig track


Gaur is a wild cattle ( it’s called Indian bison ) that inhabits inside the sanctuary.They feed on leaves,stems,seeds and flowers.Gaur females lives in herds while adult males, when not breeding,are usually solitary.Their foot prints are not so abundant in the park but sometimes can be seen.


The Black bear is another interesting animal to try to spot but bear marks are not very common in the park.However I was lucky enough to find that paw marks that it made on the soil.


Other marks that we found along the trail were the paw prints of a small cat, a jungle cat or a civet.


Hope you find this information useful !!! My next trip is to Huay Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary,one of the wildest areas in Thailand,with lots of mammals and birds.See you soon !!



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