Here are some nests of some of the birds seen in Kaeng Krachan:


This nest is a nest of Black-and-red Broadbill found on a stream in Ban Krang campsite.This beautiful bird is not easy to find in Thailand.Kaeng Krachan and Phang Nga seems to be the only 2 reliable locations to see this bird.They usually make nests above streams, around the same area, every year.


This is a nest of Blue-throated Barbet found on a forest beside the road, at km.27 in Kaeng Krachan.This bird is frequently seen in the western and northern part of Thailand.They usually use the same nesting spot every year.They sometimes use nests made by other barbets.


This is a nest of a Long-tailed Broadbill found in a tree beside the road, at km.27.I saw many nests of this gorgeous bird in Khao Yai ( around Pha Glua May Campsite ) and Kaeng Krachan ( near Ban Krang campsite ).The most surprising is that I saw some of them above the main road !


This is a nest of Black-backed Kingfisher found beside stream 1 before the stream crossing. They build tunnel nest up to 1 meter long in the riverbanks.


This is a nest of Silver-breasted Broadbill found on the stream 2.This lovely bird is quite common near Ban Krang Campsite and I have usually seen their nests beside the road or above streams.

I hope you found this information useful, and don’t forget one thing : when you are observing birds nesting keep a safe distance to avoid any disturbance.See you soon my friends !


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