Black-backed Kingfisher,Ceyx erythacus, is probably one of the most beautiful kingfishers seen in Thailand.This lovely bird can be found from India to Southeast Asia and South China.It’s a very small kingfisher,not more than 14 cm large.It inhabits in densely shade areas near small streams and pools in broadleaved evergreen forest,sometimes gardens and mangroves on migration,up to 915 m.

I took this video in Kaeng Krachan above a small stream before stream crossing 1, near Bang Krang Campsite.This is a shady area  with some low trees and bamboo beside the stream.The bird was going and coming back to the nest to feed their chicks.



  1. such beautiful birds i am doing a report on them and its not very often that you hear that does any one know what the black backed kingfishers kingdom class phylum order family and species is I want to know that for my report and cant find the information on the internet or in factual books by the way my name is MINDY PRICE and MY DAUGHTER IS DOING THE REPORT AUBREE PRICE

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