gibbonThis is a photo of a White-handed Gibbon taken by me in Kaeng Krachan.This solitary individual is surprisingly found in Ban Krang campsite.It inhabits the trees of the campsite and from time to time descends to the ground and approaches to the people.People usually give him some bananas.As you can see in the picture he even sleeps just a few meters in front of people.This is not an usual behavior, as gibbons usually live on the top of the trees and they move when people is present.I   guess this individual was abandoned somewhere and the rangers picked him up or maybe he changed his behavior when people started to give food.

White-handed gibbons, Hylobates Lar, are found in most of  Southeast Asia.Their pelage is brown,cream or black and white in hands,feet and around face.They mainly feed on fruits,leaves and insects.They are diurnal and arboreal.They usually move through the forest using brachiation. They have long arms suited for this type of locomotion.You can listen them in many national parks in Thailand early morning, when a breeding pair start to call ( they remind me of howler monkeys in Costa Rica ).White-handed Gibbons are easily seen in Khao Yai National Park.


3 thoughts on “DREAMS OF GIBBON

  1. Recently, I was with a mating pair of White-cheeked Gibbons in captivity. They were outwardly playful, acrobatic, loving, beautiful. They exerted a big influence on me. Is there something wrong with keeping animals in captivity? Is there one thing that you would say about your experience with the White-handed Gibbon in comparison with your experiences of animals in captivity?

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