garden fence lizard

This is a Garden Fence Lizard, Calotes versicolor, a common lizard found in Thailand.I was eating some food in Samarn Campsite when it appeared.I went to pick up my camera and the curious lizard stared at me.He even gave me time to adjust my camera settings and the lizard motionless seemed like he was posing in front of me.After taking some shots the lizard continued walking for a while and stopped again scrutinizing me.Again another photo session till the tame creature moved proudly and climbed up to the tree.


Garden fence Lizard,or Changeable Lizard, is a common lizard found in most of Southeast Asia,India, Sri Lanka and South China.They are related to iguanas, but the latter are only found in the New World.They have a spiny crest on the back of its neck and along the body. There are two spines above the ear opening.It eat insects and sometimes lizards.They can quickly change their color depending on their mood.For instance,when the male face an agressor or when attracting a mate their throat turns red.They can move their eyes in different directions. They can be seen in many parks and gardens.



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