Couple of Asian Golden Weaver nesting.

After spending a great time in Kaeng Krachan it was time to come back to Bangkok.On the way back,I saw some nests hanging on a tree, beside a rice field.I stopped and i could see a considerable number of Asian Golden Weaver nesting and moving around.I could capture this beautiful scene of this cute couple of weavers looking at each other.The male was very  busy going up and down picking up some little branches  and making a truly piece of handicraft to lure the female.


Asian Golden Weaver nesting

As soon as I get out of the car the weavers flew away.So i decided to take pictures from the car and approach with it as close as I could.

Asian Golden Weaver,Ploceus Hypoxanthus ,is a species of weaver that it’s found in most of Southeast Asia.It inhabits marshes,grasslands,reeds and rice paddies.It sometimes form colonies.Its population is declining rapidly and it’s listed as Near-threatened species.The main threatens are loss of habitat ( conversion of wetland habitat to agriculture ) and persecution ( commonly trapped in Java ).In Thailand it is local and uncommon in the north, north-east and central regions.


Male of Asian Golden Weaver


Asian Golden Weaver nests

Another group of weavers were nesting on a rice field at the other side of the road.There were a mixed flock of Asian Golden Weavers and Streaked Weavers.The latter were making nests on the rice crops, as you can see in the pictures.Their nests deserved as well to be called an authentic marvel of engineering.


Streaked Weaver


Streaked weaver nests


Streaked Weaver nest

Streaked Weaver, Ploceus Manyar, is a widespread species of weaver found in South and Southeast Asia.It’s similar to Baya Weaver but with streaked underparts.It nests in small colonies,in most cases in in reed beds near water bodies.It’s classified as Least Concern.

That’s was the cherry on the cake of an excellent trip into the wild !! “Au revoir” my followers !!!

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them” H.Matisse


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