The Sarus Crane is one of the most beautiful and most elegant  bird i had seen in Cambodia.It’ s the tallest of the flying birds ( up to 1.8 m ) and live in open wetlands.This bird inhabits India,Australia and South-east Asia, remaining in India the largest population.Unfortunately, their numbers have declined greatly and there are just a few populations in South-east Asia,where the last remaining stronghold of this species is in Cambodia and adjacent areas of  Laos and Vietnam.

In Cambodia they are quite vulnerable because they are dependent upon two particular types of wetland habitat: temporarily flooded grasslands for breeding during the wet season, and permanent marshlands for feeding during the non-breeding dry season.The most important Sarus Crane Reserve in Cambodia is in Ang Trapaeng Thmor.Up to 350 individuals can be seen in this area, especially in the dry season, between January and the end of March.

I could enjoy with the majestic presence of a group of 20 individuals that allowed us to approach slowly up to 100 meters.They flew and land several times while we were approaching.Its flight was amazingly captivating and elegant !!! I could take this nice picture while they were taking off.Hope you like it !! 🙂

Photo taken with a Canon 7d and Canon 400 5.6.