Hi to all my friends again ! A few days ago i found some pictures of the Irrawaddy dolphin of my last trip to Cambodia,and i decided to post them for you.

I decided to visit Kratie as it’s known as one of the best places to see this magnificent freshwater mammal. Kratie is a very calm and pleasant place to stay with some beautiful French colonial buildings surrounded by nice rice fields.

Once there i decided to arrange my trip to Kampi,the main entrance to the Mekong river for dolphin-watching.I woke up early at 7:00 am and i spent around one hour to get there while i enjoyed of excellent views of the countryside.Once there plenty of boats were waiting for tourists.I paid about 10 dollars and it took me a short time to reach  the main spot to see the dolphins.I could see several individuals on one bend of the river.While having perfect sights of the dolphins were not possible due to its shy behaviour, I could manage to take some shots of the flipper,head,and the small dorsal fin ( see second picture ).Notice the rounded head with a large melon ( organ used for communication and echolocation ) and no pointed beak as other dolphins have.




Irrawaddy dolphin is a freshwater endangered species that inhabits in some parts of the Mekong river in Laos and Cambodia and in Bangladesh and Myanmar.They are hunted mainly for their oils or accidentally captured in nets while others are captured to perform in dolphinariums and there are fewer than 70 individuals left in Cambodia.