Dear friends, I apologise for my big delay posting information about birds and mammals around the world.I have been working and traveling and i couldn’t find time to post again.It’s getting harder to travel and going to national parks due to its expenses plus the fact that i am travelling alone, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bundala is an incredible national park located in the south of Sri Lanka.With more than 190 species of birds,it’s a paradise for any bird watcher and a must see place for anyone willing to see wildlife in Sri Lanka.

Tissa was my starting point from where i visited Yala and Bundala.It’s a nice town with affordable guesthouses.I arrived there around noon.Eager to start a safari as soon as possible, I asked to my guesthouse to do a safari to Bundala in the afternoon.There was another person willing to visit it in the afternoon so it was perfect for sharing costs.It costed around 60 euros with a 4 wheels car,driver, guide and entrance fee.

At 2 o’clock we started the trip to Bundala.After 20 km drive we entered the national park.The park is quite a dry area with some bush sparsed vegetation.Birdwatching is quite easy to do here,as well as to take pictures of birds as light is wonderful and my camera could worked fast without bumping the iso.

Eurasian Spoonbill,see second picture below, and Black Ibis,see first picture below, seemed to be quite common there,in and on the outskirts of the park,at least during the month i visited the park.



Painted storks were in good numbers as well.See picture below.


Purple Herons were always ready to hunt their prey.See picture below.


Other common waterfowl were Grey Heron, Little Cormorants, Gull-billed, Caspian and Sandwich Terns, (see picture on top ), Oriental Darters, Cattle Egret, Great, Intermediate and Little Egret and Lesser Whistling  Duck, see picture below.


 Indian peafowls were a nice appearance along or near the dirt tracks.See picture below.

The male sometimes even displaying their feathers and courtship the female.See picture below.


Blue-throated Bee-eaters were perched closed to the tracks and easy to photograph.See picture below.


Grey-headed Fish Eagle were magnificent birds seen on the top of the trees,exploring the terrain and waiting for the right moment to hunt.See picture below.


Other interesting birds seen were Yellow-wattled Lapwing,see first picture below, and Indian Thick-Knee,see second picture below.



Mammals, not in great numbers as in other Sri Lankan national parks,made its appearance as well.I saw a couple of times Asian Elephants,and other mammals as Wild Hoars,Spotted Deers,Tuffed-Grey Langurs,see first picture below, Kotti Macaque,one Black naped Hare ,Mongooses and some interesting reptiles as Blue turtles,Monitor Lizards,and even a Sea water Crocodile,see second picture below.



The driver brought us near the coast,where sea turtles can be seen if you are lucky enough.


Our trip was coming to an end.It was getting late.We exit the national park and the driver stopped in a lake beside Tissa where you can see a colony of Rose-ringed Parakeets roosting there about 6 pm.See picture below.


There,on the lake,i could enjoyed one of the best sunsets on my life.The sun in Sri-Lanka,in my opinion, radiates one of the best lights i’ve ever seen.


It was a superb afternoon,although we didn’t spot Great Flamingoes,probably cause it was not the right time,we enjoyed a lot spotting lots of wildlife and magnificent scenery.

Next stop,Yala !!! See you soon my friends !!


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