Mirissa is one of the top tourists destinations to see blue whales in the sea.This little fishing town is a nice place to stay whether you want to spend time laying on its sandy beach or going on a tour for spotting whales.

April is the best month for blue whale watching in Mirissa.Many individuals approach near the coast at that time.Blue whales are the largest animal of the world.They are up to 30 meters long and they can weight more than 170 tones.They belong to the family Balaenopteridae,that includes the Humpback whale, Fin whale and Bryde’s whale among others.

Whales ( Mysticetes ) are easy to distinguish due to its size and its pair of blowholes that they use for breathing, and its plates to filter the water and eat plancton. They breathe by lungs.Larger red blood cells allow whales to transfer oxygen more effectively than humans and other land mammals, and when submerged underwater their diving reflex allows them to distribute oxygen and blood to vital organs while restricting it in other non-essential areas.They have a thin layer of hair and mammary glands to feed their calves.Their milk contains lots of fats and they have on the largest gestation periods in the animal kingdom, lasting between 10 to 12 months depending on the species.Dolphins ( Odontocetes ) are smaller ( except Sperm Whales ),they have teeth and  only have one blowhole on the back.

I booked a tour with Rajah and the Whales.This reputable company was strongly recommended by Lonely Planet.I woke up around 8:00 am and went to the boat.It took almost one hour to spot the first whale.One the way, i could see lots of dolphins swimming near the boat.


The first whale that i could see was relatively near the boat.It breathed and submerged into the water.With long intervals of time, the blue whale come up to surface again and after a while,approached very close to the boat,where i could appreciated its massive body moving on the surface. I was stunned !!!!






To photograph whales is not an easy task.Although it was a sunny day, the camera could get just a few shots on focus,maybe due to the reflection of the water.However,it didn’t matter at all !!! It was one of my best experienced of my life to get so close views of this magnificent animal !!!

The boat spent a couple of hours with the blue whales and finally we head back to the port,adding one more hour to this great tour.The company was very professional and the guides gave me accurate explanations of these impressive mammals.

I strongly recommend this experience at least once in your life !!!!!!

See you soon my friends !!!!


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