Sri Lanka offers great opportunities to spot turtles nesting or swimming near the coast.Five of the seven species of sea turtles come ashore to nest in Sri Lanka.Rekawa, near Tangalle, is an excellent place where you can observe turtles nesting.It’s an inexpensive activity.You can take a tuk-tuk from Tangalle at night and go to Rekawa Turtle Observation Camp, pay the fees there,and then a guide will take you with a group of other people to see the turtles nesting.When a turtle is spotted you must keep a distance and be silent cause turtles could feel stress and avoid to nest there.Flash is not allowed as well,that’s why i couldn’t take a decent shot to post in my blog.

Another excellent place to do turtle watching is Hikkaduwa. Hikkaduwa is a peaceful town located 17 km north of Galle.It’s an excellent place to chill out on the beach.In my opinion,it has one of the best beaches in the world i’ve ever seen,although the sea was a bit rough when i visited it.However, my main purpose there was to spot green turtles that swim near the coast.

Just walking along the beach, in broad daylight you can easily see them.From my guesthouse it took me about 30 minutes walk along the beach but finally, next to a rocky area that is near some luxury hotels, i could see a few turtles swimming very close to the beach.Some tourists were touching them and the turtles seem careless about it.However, as any wild animal,it’s not advisable to touch or feed them as they could change their behaviour and suffer from stress.I just took some shots of this nice Green Turtle that you can see on the top of my post.

Sri Lanka is a gem to do any wildlife activity.It’s very affordable ( I spend 25 euros a day on average )  and peaceful country, the days of the tamil guerrilla are gone, and you can have a safari experience for much lower cost than in Africa.I totally recommend it !!

Next post Nepal !!  Amazing and wonderful country to visit as well, but unfortunately i suffered the earthquake of 2015 and i couldn’t finish my travel properly !

See you soon my friends !



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