Indian Rhino ( Rhinoceros Unicornis ) is a one-horned rhino found in Northern India and Nepal. It’s the second-largest living rhinoceros, behind only the white rhinoceros.They length up to 380 cm and weight up to 2200 kg. They have noticeable physical differences from their African relatives.Their segmented hide looks like a formidable coat of natural body armor.Its skin is brownish-grey with raised bumps on the neck shoulders and neck.Its flexible skin between the thicker hide “plates” allows them to shift as the rhinoceros moves.Its single horn distinguishes it from its African counterparts, who all have two horns.

Rhinoceros have poor eye sight but sharp hearing and an excellent sense of smell.Indeed they use their smell to find other rhinos.They can move very quickly and charge when feel threatened, reaching speeds of up to 50 km/h.They usually follow well-established paths.They usually live in tall grass habitat.

They feed on grass,fruits and leaves.They remain active in the first and last hours of the day, spending the rest of its time submerged in nearby rivers or mud holes.

Their gestation period last 15 to 16 months period.The mother and the offspring stay together while the male live a solitary life except when mating.The copulation can last up to an hour.That’s why some people thought that their horn have some aphrodisiacal properties.

Their horn is hunt for Chinese medicine and and to make ornamental dagger handles.Rhino horns are made of keratin ( like our nails ) and it’s already been proven by science that this substance doesn’t produce an increase of sexual activity.

I took those pictures in Pithouli Vulture Food-Station in the afternoon.These animals are extremely dangerous, producing a considerable amount of human deaths every year.Indeed,the latest news i heard when i was there was that a Rhino had killed an old woman when entered into a town. However I wanted to take a close shot of the animal and i approached quietly, with the wind facing me.At first  the animal didn’t seem to notice me, but as i became closer,it started to become nervous.There were some trees between me and the animal, to give me some protection in case of charge.I was sweating buckets when i took my camera silently and started to shoot.


Next post about Bardia NP !! See you my friends !!



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