Hadada Ibis

African Crowned Eagle

Grey Parrot

Red-chested Cuckoo

White-spotted Flufftail

Speckled Mousebird

African Pigmy Kingfisher

Cinamon-chested Bee-eater

Blue-headed Bee-eater

Black-and-white Casqued Hornbill

Grey-throated Barbet

Yellow-billed Barbet

Yellow-spotted Barbet

African Pied Wagtail

White-headed Saw-wing

Grassland Pipit

Common Bulbul

Cabanis’s Greenbul

Joyful Greenbul

Red-tailed Bristlebill

Equatorial Akalat

Snowy-headed Robin Chat

African Thrush

Turner’s Eremomela

Black-faced Rufous Wabbler

Chubb’s Cisticola

White-Chinned Prinia

African Blue Flycatcher

White-eyed slaty Flycatcher

Northern Black Flycatcher

Yellow white-eye

Bronze Sunbird

Olive-bellied Sunbird

Variable Sunbird

Mackinnon’s Fiscal

Stuhlmann’s Starling

Dark-Necked Weaver

Baglafecht Weaver

Viellot’s Black Weaver

Grey-headed Negrofinch

Red-headed Bluebill

Brimstone Canary

African Citril

Other animals:

Black and white colobus

Blue Monkey

Red-tailed Monkey



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