Entebbe Botanical Garden, the only botanical garden in Uganda, is a popular destination visited by birdwatchers.It’s located at only 34 km from the main capital Kampala, on the shores of lake Victoria.The park provides an excellent introduction of the birds of the area.

To get to Entebbe i got into a van from Jinja.I passed Kampala and honestly, in my opinion it looked like to me just a dusty and crowded city with nothing much to see.Once I arrived in Entebbe, i went to the Zoo, where surprisingly they have some nice accommodation at affordable prices.I paid 10 euros per night.

Next morning i went to the Botanical Gardens by motorbike.Early morning I spotted a flock of Grey Parrots flying and landing on a tree with a dense foliage.A single Hadada Ibis crossed the sky and a few Egyptian Gooses stood on the grass.

I went to the shores of the lake where i could find an individual of Lizzard Buzzard perched motionless on a branch.


Walking along the bank of the lake, i saw a Water Thick-knee hunting on the ground.This bird usually feeds on insects and small invertebrates.


Pink-backed Pelican, Black-winged Stilt, Pied Kingfisher, Black-headed Heron, Spur-winged Lapwing and a few Hamerkops were found in this area as well.African Fish Eagle was a conspicuous bird seen looking for prey here.

When i was going back to the main forested area, I spotted a single Crowned Hornbill gazing attentively its surroundings, see picture below.Other hornbills spotted were the African Pied Hornbill, seen early morning, and the most common Black-and-white Casqued Hornbill.


I also saw Ross’ Turacos flying, with its intermitent and characteristic flight, in the forested area.This bird is a dark bird with a colourful red and yellow beak that it’s easy to see but hard to photograph. I also got thrilled by the sight of an individual of the stunning Blue-cheeked Bee-eater that was preening on a branch.African Paradise Flycatcher was another beautiful bird seen here.

The solitaire Marabou Stork and White-throated Bee-eaters, see picture on top of the post, were regularly seen along the park.Eastern-Grey Plantain Eater was another common bird seen moving among the foliage of trees.


Black Kite is an opportunistic hunter that was spotted with ease while gliding or perching for a while.


The colourful Yellow Wagtail was found moving on the grass or standing still in little promontories.img_6982

I also spotted the lesser common and also terrestrial Yellow-tailed Longclaw walking in the middle of a trail.

Village Weaver was a common sight frequently seen among the bushes.Olive-bellied Sunbirds were feeding on nectar on colourful flowers late morning.This bird has a colourful and iridescent green head and neck that contrasts with its reddish chest and grey belly.

It was a really entertaining morning, with many different species of birds seen !!

Next stop Mabamba Swamp, in search of one of the most bizarre birds in the world,the Shoebill !!!

See you soon my friends !!!



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