The African Common Chaffinch is a lovely subspecies of Common Chaffinch that is commonly found in some parts of Morocco.

Common Chaffinch is a widespread passerine bird that lives in most of Europe, Asia and in northwest Africa.The species is resident, partially migratory and migratory, with populations in the north and northeast moving south and southwest between mid-September and the end of November.

This species inhabits lowland and lower montane deciduous, mixed and coniferous forests.It also uses forest edges and glades, copses, heaths, edges of tundra and agricultural areas, hedgerows, orchards, parks and gardens.It is found in laurel forest and areas of dense vegetation in the Canary Islands and in areas with Juniperus thurifera  in the Moroccan High Atlas.

It breeds from mid-March to mid-July. The nest is placed up to 35 m above ground on a branch, against a trunk or in the fork of a tree or bush. It is a deep cup made of plant fibres, grass, fine roots, lichens, moss, bark strips, animal hair and feathers.

This bird feeds mainly on small invertebrates,larvae, seeds and buds.

There are 3 subspecies of Common Chaffinch.The Moroccan Common Chaffinch belongs to the Fringilla coelebs spondiogenys subspecies, see the three pictures of the post.Notice the greyish head, green back and pinkish neck, chest and belly when compared with its other subspecies counterparts.

I took those pictures in the archeological site of Volubilis, situated 30 km from Meknes and 4 km from Moulay Idris.

Next stop Cape Blanc, Mauritania looking for the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal !!!

See you soon my friends !!



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