Hello to all my guests !! I am David Cabedo Cruz, a graduated biologist in Universitat Autonoma of  Barcelona.I am interested in birdwatching and  spotting mammals.

I already visited some of the most important national parks in Asia, Africa, Central America and Oceania.Once started to see wildlife as a beginner, my passion took me to spend most of my time walking inside the jungle and hiding and waiting for an animal.  It’s and amazing experience  but you need plenty of time, patience and perseverance.

Once i got lost in a national park and i had to sleep on the floor, beside a tree in the jungle but fortunately i could find the way to come back. It was an extreme experience that i don t recommend to anybody.

My interest in this,  started to grow when i was a kid. I remembered my family holidays visting many natural spots in Spain.I brought my first butterfly net when i was 8 years old and me and my father we always collected many insects and plants that we found on the ground.

After finishing my degree i decided to travel around the world for knowing new cultures and nature.My first trip to the tropics was in Costa Rica.I traveled with my mother and I got highly impressed about the beauty and the exuberant nature of  this  great country.I still remembered the stunning appearance of a quetzal in Monteverde National Park !

My second trip to a tropical country was in 2006.Many people has the wrong idea that Thailand is just a paradise for  sex tourism, but they don’t realise that some of the tourism that comes to Thailand visit most of the great cultural places and excellent national parks that are available all around the country. In Khao Yai National Park you can see lots of  birds and many mammals, like elephants, gibbons,macaques, giant squirrels, porcupines and deers.Khao Yai, Khaen Krachan and Doi Intanon are great for birdwatching and they are among the best Asian national parks that i´ve ever visited !!! However,other national parks as Mae Wong NP and Krabi NP are also great places to spot many species of birds.Kuiburi NP and Salak Pra also offer great opportunities to follow tracks and spot some interesting mammals.Indeed,i saw the largest and wildest Asian Elephants here.You can also enjoy and learn about reptiles visiting the Snake Farm and the Cocodrile Farm in Bangkok.

Me and the guide


Borneo is another nature paradise that i could know very well.Mount Kinabalu National Park is an amazing place where you can appreciate different kind of vegetation and animals when you are walking until the top of the mountain if you have enough willpower and good health . Kinabatangan River is an excellent place to see a lot of birds and mammals while you go by boat along the river. Stunning birds, Proboscis monkeys, orangutans and the small variety of Asian elephant, are  all very impressive !!!

Philippines was a pleasant discover for me.I didn t expect to find such diversity of birds and mammals.I visited the most important wildlife hotspots as Rajah Sikaturna National Park,Subic Area and Mount Makiling. Subic Area, a former American military area converted to a forest  reserve, is an excellent place to see easily many birds.Rajah Sikaturna is also a great location but you need experienced eyes to find birds.

The most bizarre birds  i´ve  ever watched were located in  Sulawesi Island and Papua.The Birds of Paradise are the most beautiful birds of the world but it s very hard to see them and you need time and good infrastructure to see one of these amazing birds.I couldn t see any of them and i hope that next time i travel there i will spot them.


33 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. your blog is fantastic, thank you for all the pictures !!!!!!!!!!!it is really magic…….good luck in your future travel………

  2. Hi,

    You are always Welcome back to Thailand. I’ve been spending my time to photopgraph birds for 5 years, so far I can only go 1/5 birds species of Thailand. Means that a thounsand plus birds species makes me to have more than 20 years from now on to find them.
    Thank you to let me sharing those beauties with our colleagues in the other end of the world.
    The correct name of one of the best birding paradise is Kaeng Krachan national park.
    You are also welcome to visit my birds blog at http://www.superhide.multiply.com
    And one of best equipment which bring us to get a great birds pictures is also waiting for you to choose there.
    Wish we can meet and birding together one day, Cheers


  3. Wow, you have seen a lot of very interesting and beautiful animals. I will be stopping by your blog more often to see what you have found. Thanks for visiting Backyard Biology!

  4. very beutifull , I hope you will able to visit sulawesi agai and try to another island for birding , I love Love birding ( buton island east sulawesi )

  5. Hello David, I’m glad you survived the ‘sleeping on the floor in the jungle’ experience. You have been to some amazing places. We live in such a beautiful and diverse world! Thank you so much for the follow of my blog – may your journeys yield you many amazing aexpereinces and vsions of wonder. Good luck on your quest to see the Bird of Paradise. She is indeed stunning.

  6. I wanted to comment on what a wonderful set of parents you must have as I see you’ve spoken in such a nice manner of your memories with both – that’s so nice to read and your passion jumps off the page! I love that – you’re going for your passion!! Wonderful to meet you and thanks for following me too!

  7. Hi David. Thanks for following my blog. I see you’ve been to some beautiful destinations and had some amazing nature experiences! Your wildlife photos are beautiful! Jealous that you got to see a leopard at Yala as when I was there a couple of weeks ago, the jeep in front of mine spotted one running into the bush, but it was well and truly hidden by the time my jeep got to the spot. Look forward to following more of your adventures!

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