“Handbook of the birds of the world”

J.del Hoyo.Lynx Editions.

The Life of Birds”

David Attenborough.BBC Series.

Amazing DVD collection about birds of the world.A must for any bird lover.


“Birds of Southeast Asia”

Craig Robson.Princeton University Press.

The reference book about the birds of that area.

“Birds of Tropical Asia”

Jelle Scharringa.Bird Songs International.


A guide to the birds of Thailand

B.Lekagul and P.D.Round.Saha Karn Baet Group.

It s very informative but not up to date.

A field guide to the Birds of Thailand

C.Robson.New Holland Editions.

Up to date book with excellent ilustrations.

“Birds of Thailand.Songs and Calls.Vol1&2”

Tony Ball.Silk Worm Editions.

The song recordings of 142 bird species of Thailand.

A must for any birdwatcher in Thailand.


guide to the Birds of the Philippines

R.S.Kennedy and others.Oxford University Press.

A very exhaustive book with very detailed information.


“A photographic guide to the birds of Indonesia”

Morgen M.Strange.Periplus Editions.

An introductory book abut the birds of the area.



A field guide to the Birds of Borneo

S.Myers.New Holland Editions.

Exhaustive and reference guide of the birds of Borneo

A field guide to the birds of Borneo,Sumatra,Java and Bali

J.Makinnon.Oxford University Press.

A good guide with all the birds of this area.


“The birds of Sulawesi”

D.Holmes.Oxford University Press.

        An introductory book to the birds of the island.

    It contains a useful checklist.

“A guide to the birds of Wallacea”

B.J.Coates and D.K. Bishop.Dove Publications.

A very detailed book of all the birds of this area.

Out of print.



“Birds of Bali”

V.Mason and F.Jarvis.Periplus Editions.

The only  but out of date book of birds of Bali.


Papua New Guinea


“The Birds of New Guinea”

Bruce M.Beeler.Thane K.Pratt.Dale A.Zimmerman.Princeton University Press.


“The Birds of Paradise”

Clifford B.Frith Bruce M.Beeler.Oxford University Press



                                                                                                                              Costa Rica

A guide to the birds of Costa Rica

G.Stiles.Christopher Helm Editions.

The reference guide for birds of Costa Rica.

“Birds of Costa Rica.Mp3 Sound Collection”

Peter Boesman.Bird Songs International.

Very useful sound recordings of 765 bird species.


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