Toubacouta town:

Yellow-billed kite

Senegal thick-knee

Laughing dove

Senegal parrot

Rose-ringed parakeet

Western-Grey plantain eater

Little bee-eater

Abyssinian roller

Western red-billed Hornbill

Grey woodpecker

Common bulbul

Scarlet chested sunbird

Northern grey-headed sparrow

Village weaver

Black-rumped waxbill

Red-cheeked cordon-bleu

Red-billed firefinch

Bronze manikin

Other animals:

Green Monkey


Toubacouta-Sandicoli/Sangor road: *

Green backed heron

Squacco heron

Cattle egret

Western reef egret

Little egret

Black-headed heron

Hadada ibis

Hooded vulture

Black kite

Yellow-billed kite

African harrier hawk

Lizard buzzard

Dark chanting goshawk


Tawny eagle

Grey krestel

Peregrine falcon

Double-spurred francolin

Black crake

African jacana

Spur-winged lapwing

African wattled lapwing

Black-headed lapwing


Common sandpiper

Speckled pigeon

Laughing dove

Red-eyed dove

African mourning dove

Vinaceous dove

Black-billed wood dove

Senegal parrot

Rose-ringed parakeet

Western grey plantain eater

Senegal coucal

Pearl spotted owlet

African palm swift

Blue-breasted kingfisher

Pied kingfisher

Giant kingfisher

Little bee-eater

Blue-bellied roller

Abyssinian roller

Western red-billed hornbill

African grey hornbill

Bearded barbet

Greater honeyguide

Fine spotted woodpecker

Grey woodpecker

Common sand martin

Wire-tailed swallow

Common bulbul

African thrush

White-crowned robin chat

Snowy crowned robin chat

Tawny flanked prinia

Grey-backed camaroptera

Brown babbler

Beautiful sunbird

Woodchat shrike

Yellow-billed shrike

Yellow-crowned gonolek

Black-crowned chagra


Pied crow

Long-tailed glossy starling

Lesser blue-eared starling

Yellow-billed oxpecker

Northern grey-headed sparrow

white-billed buffalo weaver

Village weaver

Red-billed quelia

Lavander waxbill

*birds seen or heard thanks to the keen senses of Carlos, a truly birding expert of this area.